Regency is committed to reducing its impact on the environment and to being a responsible, local employer.  We question the environmental impact of all key decisions to ensure we are being as considerate as possible.  Our Environmental ethos runs in parallel with that of our Parent Company JSG.

We have 4 Pillars – Our Family, Our World, Our Integrity and Our Communities. A link to the JSG Group second sustainability report is below which shows progress towards our targets and commitments

the-johnsons-way-launch-booklet.pdf (jsg.com)

sustainability-report.pdf (jsg.com)

Power and Water

We invest in heat recovery and energy efficient machinery to ensure that we use as little gas and electricity as possible. Water is also recycled within our washing process to reduce consumption. Waste water from our primary factory is filtered to remove microplastics.  We plan our shifts for maximum efficiency to ensure there is no wasted production space which results in higher energy use.

All machines, heating, IT and non-essential lights are powered off and not left on standby to minimise waste.

50% of our electricity is from renewable sourced (REGO) and we commit to 80% from renewable by the end of 2024.


Our textile partners share our commitment to responsible sourcing. We source from a small number of quality suppliers to ensure we remain in control of our supply chain management and have auditable traceability. Our suppliers all have membership of at least one or more of the following and many have achieved ISO14001 ;

JSG Group sourced 52% of cotton via BCI during 2022.

Lifecycle of our Textiles

Because we wash carefully our textiles have a long service life. But when they are past their best we give them another life as rags and cloths for our Customers and local charities. We donated 23,000 KG of end of life textiles to the Salvation Army as part of the TSA recycling scheme in 2023.


Whilst chemicals are a necessity for us, we ensure that our choice of supplier is aligned to our environmental values and is fully traceable and auditable. We partner with Christeyns (We Care – Christeyns) and work together to ensure our chemicals work efficiently on low dosages with no wastage to use as little as possible. We use Christeyns Cool Chemistry system which holds an EU Ecolabel.

Car Pooling

To help our employees and the environment Regency encourage and support car-pooling. 15% of our team car share on their daily commute which saves 75,000k miles per year.

Mileage Reduction

We carefully plan our delivery routes to ensure that they are mileage efficient to reduce fuel consumption. Our commitment to delivering on time and in full reduces the need for additional journeys.

Waste Recycling and Management 

We recycle dry mixed recycling (cans, paper, plastic) and have recycling points within the laundry and offices.  

Our waste and recycling partner is Biffa and we have end to end traceability and reporting to ensure that all waste and recycling is disposed of safely and within regulations.  As at May 2023 our YTD waste dashboard for our 1100l bins is 96% recycled. We have work to do with our trickier waste and are targeting increasing recycling volumes over the coming 12 months for waste streams which are not collected via 1100l bins.

In 2024 we will nominate environmental champions in the team to generate ideas and incentives on recycling.

Single Use Plastics

We are proud to be one of the only UK laundries who do not use any single use plastic shrinkwrap  for any of our commercial customers.  We carefully pack the linen into reusable fabric bags which are simply washed and reused.  Even our paper tags on the bags are made from mono board and can be recycled, saving 360,000 plastic tags per year.

The team are encouraged to bring in a refillable water bottle and we stopped using single use plastic cups in January 2024.


We make a quarterly donation to a local charity or organisation nominated by our team and plan to further support our local community through paid volunteering in 2024. Regency and JSG group are committed to supporting charities and social projects as part of  the ‘Our Communities Pillar’.


We care. For our team and their wellbeing. We ensure that our team have safe working environments. Providing the training and right equipment to do their jobs. Our ethos is to recruit locally and develop our team from within. In October 2023 we launched our first employee engagement survey and are now putting actions in place in response to feedback.

A diversity survey is planned for 2024 in addition to our next employee engagement survey.



Sustainability (jsg.com)

If you have any questions or suggestions about this Environmental Statement, please contact us.

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